Social Media

Being social media smart during a family law dispute

Many people have the habit of sharing family moments and inner thoughts through social media channels. This can seem like a harmless way to keep in touch, but during a family law dispute, posting the wrong thing online can have dire consequences. In general, Alberta parents should be very careful when using social media during family law disputes, or perhaps should steer clear altogether.

It is a bad idea to post negative things about a child’s other parent online during a dispute. This can be used to create a paper trail of negative behaviour. It can also upset or embarrass the other party further, making it harder to work together on a solution.

This can be particularly damaging if children are involved. A judge may find that children could find and read these negative comments about the other parent, therefore making the poster seem irresponsible. Even innocent images of a night out could be misconstrued in court as evidence of a certain lifestyle, so it is important to be very thoughtful before pressing share.

This thoughtfulness expands past social media and should be applied to all electronic communication. Emails and text messages can be used in court to create a “paper trail,” so being antagonistic with words can often backfire. Using proper legal channels to discuss issues and finding health outlets for negative emotions is important in order to avoid being painted incorrectly during a family law dispute. A divorce and family law lawyer can help clarify exactly what type of online activity can backfire in a conflict, so individuals can be sure to moderate their behaviour.