Common Law Relationships

An Evolving Area of Law

The treatment of potential rights and obligations arising from common law relationships, more so than ever, are starting to closely resemble those arising from legal marriages. Entering or exiting a relationship, cohabiting couples, at one time immune from discussions surrounding property division and support, now find themselves facing consequences similar to legally married couples.

That being said, there are intricacies and nuances involved with this area of law that continue to evolve rapidly. Parties contemplating commencing a cohabitation, or ending one, are well-advised to seek legal counsel prior to doing so.

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Property Division

The length of a relationship, children and the degree of economic integration can all be factors in determining whether the couple will be deemed to have essentially lived their lives as a domestic unit. If so, no different than legally married couples, their accumulation of wealth will likely be deemed divisible between them in some fashion.

Partner Support

In addition, subject to some of the same factors above, and more, there may be grounds for one of the parties to financially support the other upon the breakdown of the relationship.

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