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Establishing Property Rights And Obligations

Many Alberta couples choose to pursue a relationship based on shared emotional commitment, but decline to get married. The law does not grant common-law spouses the same rights as married spouses, nor does it place the same obligations on them. Specifically, if the relationship ends, property division is not automatic.

Learn more about your options during cohabitation by contacting our law firm. For the sake of security and fairness, common-law spouses may enter into a cohabitation agreement, which outlines each person's obligations during the relationship and if the couple separates. At Calgary's Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP, we are trusted advisors on family law disputes. As skilled negotiators, we can help you to reach an effective agreement with your partner.

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Benefits Of Cohabitation Agreements

The Matrimonial Property Act does not apply to people in common-law relationships. However, upon separation common-law spouses can make a claim in law for a portion of the property accumulated during the course of the relationship. Since the presumption of equal property division does not apply to common-law spouses, the result of such a legal action is unpredictable.

A cohabitation agreement eliminates this unknown by establishing a clear division of assets. In addition, a cohabitation agreement can include unique terms specific to each couple's unique circumstances. A couple may, for example, agree on the payment of spousal support following a breakup. Including spousal support provisions in a legal contract can add an element of protection to spouses who may be financially vulnerable upon separation.

Cohabitation agreements are entered into willingly by people in committed relationships. Choosing a law firm committed to reaching consensus through non-adversarial processes is one way to ensure your experience in creating a cohabitation agreement is positive. Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP is a firm of skilled legal practitioners dedicated to reaching long-term solutions for the needs of clients.

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