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Progressive Options For Dispute Resolution

Collaborative law is a new and innovative process to resolve family law disputes. All parties to a collaborative law process, including lawyers, must formally agree to keep the dispute out of court. If resolution is not achieved and parties proceed to litigation, they must retain new lawyers to represent them. This creates significant motivation for parties and their counsel to reach agreement.

Commitment to effective resolution of disputes is a hallmark of our Calgary law firm, Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP. Collaborative law is one option we explore with clients who may benefit from its unique approach to reaching consensus on family law conflicts.

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Unique Aspects Of Collaborative Law

In addition to the commitment not to litigate, there are several key features of collaborative law that make it unique. Unlike traditional litigation, which is adversarial, collaborative law seeks consensus that meets the needs of all participants. Outside advisors such as financial planners and child psychologists can provide objective information to assist in the process of negotiation.

Specific training is required of lawyers who practise collaborative law. Lawyers at Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP have extensive training in collaborative law. We also have significant backgrounds as mediators and arbitrators, and have developed high-calibre skills of negotiation and conflict-resolution over our years of practice.

Resolution Of Matters Involving Children

Collaborative law is particularly effective when the care of children is the subject of a dispute. The process works strategically to focus on the needs of the children, and participants must act in good faith to come to an agreement. When parents choose to resolve their issues in a non-adversarial way, divorce can be easier on children, who will be exposed to less conflict compared to litigation.

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Collaborative Lawyers: Serving Calgary and Areae

All issues connected to divorce, including complex asset division, can be resolved using collaborative law. To learn more about alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law from our Calgary lawyers, schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

To consult with a member of our Alberta firm, call us toll free at 877-563-5295. In Calgary, call 403-233-9300 or contact us online to book an appointment.

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