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How is an Alberta Estate Taxed?

There is a common misconception that Alberta estates, and estates in Canada generally, are subject to an “estate tax” based on the total value of the estate, as in the United States. This is no...

What is a Fair Divorce Settlement?

When a couple is getting divorced, you will often hear they are seeking a “fair” divorce settlement.  The concept of a fair divorce settlement is not universal however, fairness is subjective. ...

James Brown Estate Settled

Finally, fifteen years after the death of “The Godfather of Soul”, James Brown, his estate has been settled. As with other celebrities such as Aretha Franklin and Prince, who died without a coheren...

Predatory Marriage

The problem of a predatory marriage in which a person with reduced mental capacity marries someone who is motivated to take advantage of property transfers, family property legislation or changes t...

Rule of 65

What is the ‘Rule of 65’?

Spousal support in Alberta can be a very complicated issue as there are multiple steps and considerations to determining appropriate support, one of which is the “Rule of 65”.  The Spousal Supp...

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