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When you are faced with the prospect of divorce or separation, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. In addition to the emotional aspect of a circumstance you likely never anticipated, you will have to make major practical choices for yourself and your children. The Calgary family lawyers at Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP have stood by many individuals as they navigate relationship breakdown. Although you may have never experienced divorce or separation, we have helped many through the process, and we can help you.

  • family lawyers calgary
  • family lawyers calgary

Seeking Long-Term Solutions for Your Family Disputes

At Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP, our extensive experience has informed our belief that the process of resolving divorce and family law disputes can be as important as the issues at stake. Few families find going to court is the most effective way to achieve resolution. Although we are respected courtroom lawyers, we often guide clients to alternative dispute resolution processes that allow families to retain control of negotiations and arrive at agreements that will serve them well for the long term.

The core issues that must be resolved upon divorce or separation include:

Our Calgary Family Law Firm Can Help

In all of these family matters, our Calgary family lawyers have the extensive knowledge to provide effective representation, even when your family's situation is complex — for example, when financial assets are substantial or when children have unique care needs. Regardless of whether spouses were legally married, in most cases, their issues can be resolved using a separation agreement.

Following divorce or separation, spouses normally continue to co-parent. Revision of previous agreements may become necessary as families change and children grow up. We are here to help you develop a proposed parenting plan or renegotiate agreements and to be your advocate in cases where negotiation is difficult, such as when one parent wants to relocate outside of Calgary with the children.

Advising On Domestic Agreements

Our family law work is not restricted to cases of divorce. We also help individuals in committed relationships who want a legal contract in place before marriage or during cohabitation that sets out the parties' rights in the event of relationship breakdown. We draft, negotiate and review prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements for clients.

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