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Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). When parties use an arbitrator, they effectively hire a private judge to impose a binding agreement that resolves their dispute. Arbitration is particularly effective when parties want to keep their issues out of court but cannot reach an agreement on their own.

Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP is a Calgary law firm of mediators, arbitrators, and lawyers. We often recommend ADR to our clients, who benefit from a less confrontational conflict resolution process than going to court. As arbitrators, we understand the positive results arbitration can achieve.

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Choosing Arbitration Services in Calgary

When you and your former spouse face a difficult road to agree on issues related to your divorce, you can employ an arbitrator to listen to presentations of evidence and impose a settlement. More often, however, people first try to negotiate their agreement with the assistance of a mediator. When mediation fails, a mediator can, pursuant to the terms of a mediation/arbitration agreement, take on the role of arbitrator.

While arbitration is often used in family law disputes, it can also resolve contractual disputes, private commercial disputes, personal injury claims, and more.

Arbitration has many benefits over going to court. The arbitration process is quicker and cheaper and takes place privately. Participants in arbitration can choose to be represented by their lawyers and choose whether the arbitration should proceed through an informal or formal process.

Arbitration can generally arrive at a similar result as a courtroom process without the procedural requirements and strict adherence to the rules of evidence, avoiding delays that add financial strain and emotional stress to an already difficult dispute resolution process.

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Arbitration Lawyers Serving Calgary and Area

Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP is a respected law firm in Calgary. Our lawyers, mediators, and arbitrators are committed to assessing the full range of process options available to clients and recommending appropriate avenues to resolution.

To consult with a member of our Alberta firm, call us toll free at 877-563-5295.
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