Client Endorsement – ML

Amazing experience at this firm, given the worst period of my life in a litigious battle that should have been resolved months prior to the dedicated counsel of both Aicha Kouyat√© and her mentor/partner, Nigel Montoute and their guidance to ensure a reasonable resolution. Aicha’s superb conduct in the court room was evident as both her and Nigel continued to ensure the best interest of the child during this high conflict domestic dispute, with opposing(legal aid) counsel being so difficult I have since referred colleagues, friends and acquaintances to this firm…I would not hesitate to endorse either lawyer’s competence and felt supported by their commitment and honest integrity. Thank you both, Aicha and Nigel! These lawyers (and Gary Kirk) can certainly put their heads down at night knowing they have positively impacted me and my precious son! I have gained an education in a realm I never would have thought I would have to endure in a point in my life of extreme stress and conflict, arguably the worst period. For what its worth you will be honored in my “best seller” as I tell my story!

– ML