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Travelling without children during a family law dispute

Going on vacation can be a great way to relieve stress. Many Alberta individuals in the midst of a family law proceeding wish they could book a getaway, but there are legal considerations before jetting off. This is particularly true of those with children; even if the children are not coming on the trip, details like custody and legal ramifications should be considered. In most cases, waiting until after the family law dispute has concluded is the best option for those who wish to travel.

When going through a family law proceeding, it is important that children, the former partner and, in some cases, legal representatives can contact one another at all times. Not being reachable can lead to missed court dates or the inability to sign or review important documents. While a lawyer can represent a client in court without that client being in the country, availability is important in order to review all documents involved in the process to move things along.

Travelling with children can be extremely complicated to arrange during a family law proceeding. This is especially true for those taking children out of the country. Not only can this be ill-advised legally, it can also make co-parenting difficult and leave children feeling isolated from the other parent.

Every family law dispute is different, and exceptions can be made for certain circumstances. The important thing for Alberta parents to remember during these times is what is best for the children, as well as what the court expects in terms of conduct. Speaking with a lawyer about potential travel plans is usually a good first step in these cases.

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