Breastfeeding 4 year old cited as designed to frustrate father’s parenting time

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Divorce Mediation on Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

The judge overseeing an unusually contentious divorce in British Columbia hopes that his decision to step away from the case may prompt the couple to try harder to resolve their issues. The couple’s recent disagreement centers on child custody arguments. The judge hopes the two will take some time to resolve the conflict on their own.

At the center of the battle is the 4-year-old daughter who lives with her mother and visits her father overnight from time to time. The father feels this is not enough and wants equal parenting time. However, because the mother is still breastfeeding, she claims she cannot allow the father more visits. It is apparently the father’s belief that she continues breastfeeding the 4-year-old simply to prevent him from having time with the child.

The mother claims the father does not abide by her schedule for the child’s naps. Meanwhile, the father tries to catch the mother in lies by filming her. Both parents frequently send bullying emails to one another or ignore each other’s emails completely. While acknowledging that both parents love their child, the judge says the couple’s behaviour towards each other is immature and destructive. For the next two years, the judge says the couple must work on their compromising skills outside of court.

While this couple may be an extreme example of a combative relationship, it is not unusual for parents to struggle when it comes to child custody decisions. When people in Alberta face conflicts with their parenting partners, many find it helpful to seek advice from family law professionals. An experienced legal guide will work towards a resolution that will be in the best interests of involved children and the well-being of the client.

Source:, “Judge breaks up with couple in high conflict divorce”, July 17, 2016

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