Divorce mediation could help sort out financial issues

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Divorce Mediation on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Money issues. They often don’t leave a couple alone even after they’ve divorced, especially if they have children. But many problems surrounding a divorcing couple’s finances may be ironed out using the divorce mediation process. There are ways in Canada to solve contentious issues during divorce, and mediation is one of them.

A mediator helps with issues like child custody and child support, and finances are always a part of that scenario. A mediator can help a couple iron out those details before they become problematic. Sometimes, it’s the extras that cause tempers to flare — like who is going to pay for summer camp or who is going to buy school clothes or pay for the braces on a child’s teeth. These things vary for each couple, and who earns what plays into the decisions.

Even as children grow, their needs have to be met, and they usually need parental help to pay for post-secondary education or for buying their first car or paying for a cell phone. Even when they’re responsible, older children usually need some financial help from mom and dad. When divorced parents talk about these things and make the conscious decision to put their children first, the financial picture usually gets framed positively, especially at the onset.

There are many lawyers in Canada who assist in divorce mediation. A couple is divorcing for a reason, so the two individuals may need some assistance in making decisions regarding things like finances. It is so much better to iron out these issues with some help, rather than heading to court where any control over decisions is out of the couple’s hands.

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