Support Calculator

Child Support & Spousal Support “Calculators”

A determination of entitlement to child and/or spousal support logically leads to an analysis of the appropriate amount. With increasing demand, the general public is seeking immediately available and reliable resources for “child support calculators” and “spousal support calculators”.


The Federal Child Support Guideline tables make the calculation of “basic child support” reasonably simple, convenient and accessible. Generally speaking, assuming the parenting schedule to be resolved, using only the metrics of the payor’s guideline income and the number of children entitled to child support, one will be able to quickly determine the appropriate amount of basic child support.

Surely extenuating circumstances could call for a far more complicated analysis of basic child support calculations, but even in those situations, the presumptive starting point will be the tables.

With respect to child support required of the parties to fund extraordinary expenses, that will be a function of any agreement reached by the parties, or a Court-ordered apportionment of those costs, typically as a function of the parties’ respective guideline incomes.


By its very essence, a determination of entitlement to spousal support is a far more nuanced analysis than that of child support. A calculation of the appropriate amount of spousal support is also more nuanced, with considerably more potential metrics in play.

The search for a reliable spousal support “calculator” is more challenging. Anyone searching for that resource online should proceed cautiously. Most Family Lawyers are in the favorable position of having immediate access to the resource of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs). Although not bound by them, Alberta Courts give significant consideration to the SSAGs.

Without exception, anyone searching for a reliable means by which to determine spousal support calculations would be well-advised to first consult a Family Lawyer.