Client Endorsement – MJ

I came to Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP shell-shocked and completely ignorant of what my next steps needed to be, let alone what long-term actions I would need to take. Laurie Stephen very quickly organized my steps, laid out what I needed to do, explained what she needed to do and what the process should look like. Unfortunately, my process didn’t proceed the way it could have and became a nightmare that I truly don’t know how I would have survived without Laurie’s steady guidance, expert advice and unwavering compassion for my situation. My legal process became complicated, unpleasant and difficult to say the least and the only way I was able to navigate through it was with the firm, competent and kind support of Laurie and her assistant Meghan. Their determination to represent my family’s interests and to prevent me from being mistreated and taken advantage of were evident in everything they did for me. Laurie Stephen truly does what she does in order to make a difference and she made a difference for my family and me.

Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP has shown support for me as a client throughout a lengthy process, through professional service, kind treatment and expert support and advice. This firm invests itself in its clients and cares very much about the outcomes of the cases they take. They spend time supporting each other, providing advice, mentorship and training for the members of their company and they work hard and fight for their clients. Throughout my complicated process, I felt like so much more than just another file. Rather, I felt like a person who mattered to this firm and whose result mattered also. I do not hesitate to recommend Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP.

– MJ