Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation: One of many ways to manage costs in a separation

One of the biggest concerns people have when ending a marriage is the financial toll it can take. Short-term expenses, such as moving and legal fees, are exacerbated by the longer-term challenges of running a single household. However, there are ways to manage costs. Divorce mediation, communicating clearly and doing the proper preparation in advance of legal meetings are some ways Alberta individuals can lower the price tag of their divorce.

Mediation and collaborative divorce give couples the opportunity to work through issues without involving courts. Individuals will still have legal representation, but will be able to communicate directly with one another and define a mutually agreeable settlement. While this is a much less expensive option than going to court, it requires the willingness of both parties to be compromise.

Whether one is using mediation or not, strong and careful preparation can help eliminate ambiguity and make it easier to successfully settle a divorce. Getting financial records organized and making sure they are neatly organized and digitally available if possible can save lawyers time, therefore saving divorcees money. Emailing lawyers rather than calling and making requests easy to understand can also help for a similar reason.

Even if divorce mediation is not possible in all aspects of a divorce, couples may be able to agree to some details in the interest of cost efficiency. For example, a couple may be able to come to an agreement on the value of their home, avoiding the expense of appraisals. Or, they may avoid bank fees by making a mutual decision about how retirement accounts should be organized. Discussing these decisions and potential outcomes with an Alberta family lawyer can help to ensure the final divorce documentation is legally sound and complete.