Family law solutions for problems that seem overwhelming

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Family Law on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Divorce can leave individuals seething. It can wreak havoc on family life and can create untold problems. But there may be family law solutions available for families in Canada for issues that may seem insurmountable. There may be times when individuals think about doing things they should really not do, such as try to seek revenge on anyone who they think may have had something to do with the demise of their marriage. 

But revenge isn’t really sweet, especially when negative consequences may impact other family members. Confrontation is unlikely to make a situation better. Perhaps when it comes to extended family and divorce, it’s better to let bygones be bygones. In fact, there may be etiquette rules regarding divorce and a former spouse that are wise such as weighing potential actions against whether those actions would be in any children’s best interests.

A couple other don’ts include not holding grudges and not being spiteful, no matter what the circumstances. When it comes to the first rule — what’s best for the kids — developing a top-notch parenting plan may be the first thing parents should do when they decide to divorce. If the children are having a difficult time handling the divorce some therapy may help.

Family law solutions spell out the what’s important to include in a co-parenting plan. A lawyer in Canada can help a client craft a parenting plan that will be the best for the kids. It should spell out things like child custody and child support, a holiday schedule and how parents will discuss issues that affect their kids, such as schooling and health care. 

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