Family law solutions: Who to speak to before deciding on divorce

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Family Law on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Those who take marriage vows most likely do so with every intention that their marriages are going to last forever. So, when things get rough and it doesn’t seem like anything or anyone is helping to solder what seems to be irreparably broken, one or both spouses may be thinking about divorce. Before making any drastic or hasty decisions, there are some people in Canada who, through family law solutions, may be able to help those involved to make decisions with clear heads.

Family and friends who know the marriage may be in trouble might be quick to offer words of advice; however, even though they may be well-meaning, they may not be the best people to dole out sage offerings. Getting advice that truly helps the situation is wise. A family therapist or perhaps a trusted member of the clergy may be able to offer some insight. If the couple hasn’t seen a marriage counsellor, that may be another option.

Going it alone can be financially costly. Many people reconsider divorce simply on the financial aspect alone. If living amicably can be worked out, it might be a consideration. In any case, getting the advice of a financial planner may sway a decision one way or the other. Friends who have been through the divorce process may also be able to give a realistic insight into what to expect.

In addition, a lawyer in Canada may be able to provide family law solutions prior to any concrete decisions are made. A lawyer may be the realist his or her client contemplating divorce needs. If a decision is made to move ahead with a divorce, a lawyer may be able to provide much-needed guidance about the legalities of the process.

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