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Spousal support varies significantly from couple to couple. Unlike child support, which is strictly regulated, the obligation to pay spousal support is negotiable, informed by the Federal Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. For many spouses, support is necessary to ensure their successful transition to life following divorce.

Entitlement to support must be established, however, and both spouses deserve advocacy to ensure a final settlement is appropriate. At Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP, our Calgary spousal support lawyers will represent your interests as a payor or recipient of spousal support. Schedule a consultation today for effective representation through your support issues.


Factors Influencing Spousal Support

When judges make decisions regarding spousal support, they undertake two distinct stages of legal analysis. First, they decide if there is an entitlement to support. Then, if there is an entitlement, they will determine the amount and duration of spousal support with reference to federal advisory guidelines. Unlike federal child support guidelines based on strict calculations, spousal support guidelines offer a range of potential payments.

Many facts about the couple's relationship will affect the amount and duration of spousal support: the length of the marriage, imputed income, whether one spouse took time out of the workforce to raise children, and whether a spouse can become economically self-sufficient within a reasonable period of time. Spousal support may also be paid on an ongoing "periodic" basis or on a one-time "lump sum" amount.

Negotiating A Fair Spousal Support Settlement

Spousal support is often vital to any final separation agreement that precedes a divorce. A reasonable agreement on asset division, financial support, and childcare issues can usually be negotiated without resorting to an adversarial litigation proceeding. At Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP, we can determine a fair agreement given the specific circumstances, and we will advocate for our client's interests in private dispute resolution forums.

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Spousal Support Lawyers: Serving Calgary and Area

All issues connected to divorce, including complex asset division, can be resolved using collaborative law. To learn more about alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law from our spousal support lawyers in Calgary, schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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