Avoiding a possible family law dispute by communicating honestly

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Family Law on Friday, December 21, 2018.

People head over heels in love may have unrealistic expectations of what marriage really means. To avoid any kind of possible family law dispute that may come with divorce, engaged Alberta couples might want to ask themselves a few questions before making the walk down the aisle. Being on the same page in regard to important life decisions is crucial for a happy marriage.

What couples fight about most, it seems, has to do with finances. So, talking about how each feels about financial planning is important. If a prospective partner is reluctant to divulge his or her financial business to his or her potential spouse, there should be some hard-hitting questions asked. A couple has to be on the same page regarding financial goals. 

Each person in the relationship needs to know that the other will be there should something unforeseen happen. When a couple works in tandem, they can usually overcome the majority of problems together. Communication around parenting styles — if children are on the radar — as well as who takes care of what at home, should happen before tying the knot. Both people should have relatively the same expectations of the marriage.

Even when Alberta couples do prepare themselves, sometimes a marriage just doesn’t work. Individuals who find themselves embroiled in a family law dispute regarding a divorce, child custody and/or support or spousal support may benefit from legal advice. There are ways to settle these types of disputes, especially with the guidance of an experienced family law lawyer.

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