Client Endorsement – A

Appreciate all your help and advice during one of the worst stages of my life. You were very helpful and calming. Thank you very much. Hope to see you sometime.   -A

Client Endorsement – LC

I highly recommend Wanda Dawson as she is an excellent lawyer! I have been a client of Wanda’s for over 8 years and have had nothing but positive and successful experiences in a challenging and high conflict case. Her and her paralegal Jennifer make a great team. Wanda and Jennifer …

Client Endorsement – T

In the scenario of divorce, the situation often seems isolating and lonely. There are times where one may feel that it is only themselves and their lawyer that have a true understanding of the complexities and barriers that are present. This is not the case with Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP. …

Client Endorsement – MJ

I came to Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP shell-shocked and completely ignorant of what my next steps needed to be, let alone what long-term actions I would need to take. Laurie Stephen very quickly organized my steps, laid out what I needed to do, explained what she needed to do and what the process should look like. Unfortunately, my process didn’t proceed the way it could have and became a nightmare that I truly don’t know how I would have survived without Laurie’s steady guidance, expert advice and unwavering compassion for my situation.

Client Endorsement – TS

I am able to recall my very first meeting with Wanda Dawson vividly. Through heartbreak, I entered her firm’s office with tears flowing freely – hardly believing that I was moving ahead with my imminent divorce. I felt like a failure and that my whole life was on the verge of falling apart. I walked the halls of her firm to a meeting room with my face swollen from tears – feeling like I was “on display” for all of the firm’s employees to see. In each and every person that I made eye contact with, I received a knowing smile and a look that said “everything will be okay”.

Client Endorsement – AR

After experiencing different lawyers and mediators, I was extremely happy with Gary Kirk as my mediator! He was calm, fair, compassionate and had great mediation skills to maneuver through a difficult divorce. It was a relief to finally have closure to my lengthy divorce! I highly recommend Gary Kirk as a mediator and lawyer! Thanks Gary for your expertise!

Client Endorsement – ML

Amazing experience at this firm, given the worst period of my life in a litigious battle that should have been resolved months prior to the dedicated counsel of both Aicha Kouyaté and her mentor/partner, Nigel Montoute and their guidance to ensure a reasonable resolution. Aicha’s superb conduct in the court room was evident as both her and Nigel continued to ensure the best interest of the child during this high conflict domestic dispute, with opposing(legal aid) counsel being so difficult I have since referred colleagues, friends and acquaintances to this firm…I would not hesitate to endorse either lawyer’s competence and felt supported by their commitment and honest integrity. Thank you both, Aicha and Nigel!

Client Endorsement – CD

“Nigel was awesome to work with. He’s casual, but professional. Very experienced in what he does. Provided me with great results and advice. I know all lawyers are busy. As is Nigel, but he always made time to respond to my emails and texts in a timely manner. He even responds after hours! I don’t expect that of him, but just goes to show you his dedication.