Divorce mediation today might keep the doctor away

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Divorce Mediation on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

No one enjoys negativity in their lives, but unfortunately, a divorce can be fraught with negative emotions and unpleasant interactions. However, there are ways to reduce the level of conflict in an Alberta divorce, such as through divorce mediation. A new study seems to indicate that a bad breakup between parents can have surprisingly long-term effects on their children’s health, all the more reason to work hard at as amicable a split as can be managed.

A new study from a leading university looked at the possibility of a connection between exposure to conflict and immune response. A group of 201 healthy adults went into quarantine, where they were exposed to a virus that can cause the common cold. Researcher monitored the subjects for five days and recorded the results.

The subjects whose parents divorced while they were young children and then ceased communicating with each other were three times more likely to get sick with a cold than any of the other subjects. Subjects whose parents divorced amicably and kept in touch got sick at the same rate as subjects whose parents did not divorce. Those from the “bad” divorce group also showed a higher degree of inflammation than the other participants did. The authors of the study believe exposure to conflict at a young age can compromise the immune system, and the effects may last for many decades.

There are many reasons one might choose an alternative to litigation to resolve divorce and family law issues. Safeguarding the health and welfare of one’s children is certainly a compelling one. For those who wish to work through their divorce in collaboration with their spouse, a lawyer who can explain the options available in Alberta, such as divorce mediation, may be a valuable resource. 

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