Family law: Divorce regret actually exists

Making the decision to divorce is never easy. There are family law tools available to Alberta couples who find themselves in this tenuous situation. Ending a marriage can be complicated as well as emotionally volatile. So, it may be wise to take some extra time to ask some very pointed questions that could mean the difference between staying together and finally throwing in the towel.

A survey in the United Kingdom queried 800 divorcees. More than 20 per cent of respondents said they wished they hadn’t ended their marriages. Regret seems to be an issue for a lot of people when it comes to divorce and its finality. A registered psychotherapist and relationship coach suggest couples ask each other three pointed questions before making a final decision about ending their marriages.

So, if the relationship ended, would the individuals be happier in the long run? Does each person like who he or she has become in the relationship? What is each person willing to give up for the betterment of the relationship? The answers to these hard-hitting questions might give the couple enough information to make a logical decision about where their marriage stands.

An Alberta lawyer with experience in family law can offer advice to his or her client regarding the divorce process. Divorce is emotional, but a lawyer may be able to make it less so. The attorney can talk to a client about factors that will affect the future, such as support and custody issues so that the client is less focused on the demise of his or her marriage and more focused on the future. 

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