Family law in Canada: Child custody changes as kids get older

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Family Law on Monday, November 20, 2017.

Life is busier than it has ever been. People have full schedules, but flexibility in those schedules when it comes to spending time with children goes a long way to help divorced parents maintain positive relationships with their kids. However, child custody parameters may change as kids get older, and some compromise may be needed when co-parenting. Parenting plans in Canada would be better as living documents — changing and evolving as needs change and evolve.

Any divorce situation puts children first. And their needs are much different when they are young children than when they reach their teens. As kids get older, they might not want to spend every weekend with one parent if it takes them out of their social group, even in a shared custody situation. This is where communication is important between the ex spouses and their children.

Child custody may be shared and it might be a challenge to figure out who will be with whom when. When both parents agree that what is best for their children is a parenting plan that’s malleable, then scheduling on either side should also be flexible. Going with the flow of the children’s needs is important.

A lawyer in Canada can help in a divorce situation where child custody issues are at the forefront. Getting the legal counsel of a lawyer who is experienced in family law may help to create a unique custody plan for a client’s particular needs. A lawyer will provide solutions for his or her client’s particular family dynamic.

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