Family law: Mental health services help parents after divorce

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Family Law on Monday, September 24, 2018.

Divorce can be debilitating. It can take a toll on all family members, wreaking havoc with a couple’s mental health and the mental health of their children. For parents in Canada to be able to put their children first and always think of what’s best for them as per family law rules, they need access to services to take care of their own emotions and their kids’ emotions during a marital split. 

Children may start acting out and displaying behaviour that is unusual. They may become combative, angry and even aggressive. In these instances, it would be beneficial for kids and their parents to be able to talk to a therapist about what is happening in their lives and to develop some skills to deal with mental issues that may arise out of the stress of divorce.

Kids may simply need short-term counselling to help them to deal with all the changes that divorce brings into their lives. A therapy setting may help children to be comfortable enough to express their feelings in a safe environment, especially if their parents’ divorces are less than amicable. The resources are available if parents look for them.

A family law lawyer in Canada may be able to provide the tools to help parents help their children to cope while going through the divorce process. Helping families to stay out of court can be a plus for everyone concerned. A lawyer may also be able to offer some insight on developing a co-parenting plan with the goal of putting the children first.

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