Family Law

Family law: Staying together while miles apart

There is no one way to describe a family in the 21st century. The family dynamic can be as individual as the people making up the family unit. Legally, the family dynamic in Alberta is governed by family law, and there are certain criteria that need to be upheld like always doing what is in the best interests of children; however, that doesn’t always mean a family is located under one roof all the time. 

In fact, according to Statistics Canada, more than a million adults are not living with the person with whom they’re in a relationship and many of those are long-term relationships. The incidents of living apart together (LAT) couples as they’re called, has risen by 3 per cent in Canada over the last 10 years. What is most interesting is that most of those couples live just about 20 kilometers from each other. 

These custom-designed relationships are as individual as the couple themselves and very often involve children from two different sets of parents. Many of those who don’t live together permanently still consider themselves a family unit. Many of them last for years with partners living in entirely different locations, sometimes many miles away from each other. 

Alberta residents who may have queries regarding how their personal relationships may affect aspects of their family life may find the answers from a lawyer experienced in family law. A lawyer may also be able to offer tools under family law to assist a client who is dealing with situations like blended family, custody issues and how new partners can fit into the family dynamic. When an Albertan has legal questions concerning his or her family, a lawyer is typically the best source to find the answer.

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