Family law: Teachers can help Alberta kids of divorce

On behalf of Gary Kirk of Kirk Montoute Dawson LLP posted in Family Law on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

When a couple with children is divorcing, it’s likely their kids are taking it just as hard as the couple — maybe even more so. Divorce, which comes under family law in Alberta, poses an oftentimes difficult situation for all those involved. It’s likely that the people spending most of the time with these kids are their teachers, and there are ways teachers can help children with the emotions they go through when their parents are divorcing.

The teacher can meet with the parents and a social worker to become aware of any changes taking place for the kids. Teachers should be aware of custody arrangements so they know when the child will be coming to school from a different home. When teachers know about what’s happening in the child’s life, they will be more apt to build a rapport with the child, and the child may feel more comfortable and safe talking if he or she needs to.

A teacher will realize when the child wants to talk or if he or she just wants some comfort without talking about things. Teachers can remind children of divorce that they’re not alone, that divorce happens a lot and that other kids in the class are experiencing it as well. Kids can also be helped by their teachers if they’re feeling guilt over the separation.

Teachers can reach out to parents to let them know if their children aren’t coping well. They will be able to spot things like depression, aggression, eating issues or other changes in behaviour. An Alberta family law lawyer may be able to help parents by helping them find social workers, therapists or other professionals who would be able to help them and their children navigate through a stressful divorce.

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