Positive Co-Parenting

The importance of positive co-parenting in the family law process

The mental health of children going through divorce often hinges on how well their parents are co-parenting them. The family law process in Canada looks at what is in the best interests of children and that includes supporting their children through difficult times. Parenting in two individual homes might not be an easy feat, but when parents agree to put their children first, it could be much less stressful, even when parents are going through their own difficulties.

When parents denigrate each other in the presence of their kids, the kids feel the backlash. The children could also feel the guilt associated with wanting to defend the other parent. It could affect a child’s self-confidence and sense of security, which could lead to otherwise untoward behaviour. Being abrasive in such circumstances may be counter-productive. Instead, psychologists suggest parents work on healing their own issues so they can help their kids to do the same.

To get stellar outcomes in a co-parenting venture, there are certain things of which parents should be aware. Children can pick up on their parents’ emotions, so communicating effectively is important. Also, clear and safe boundaries need to be set for kids. When parents work as a team — even when they’re no longer a couple — for the sake of their children, the kids will continue to flourish both emotionally and physically.

Effective co-parenting is a positive piece of the family law process in Canada. Parents who have questions regarding the legalities of a co-parenting plan or other issues that may affect their kids, would do well to speak with an experienced family law lawyer. He or she would be able to clear up any misconceptions or confusing areas when it comes to divorce and how it can affect children.

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